Our Work

Empower women and underserved communities through quality education, good health, economic resiliency and advocacy.

Our projects

Our organization is involved in numerous projects.

Healthcare project

( Village Health )
Village health will be a supplier of medical equipment to existing clinics and build small clinics and mental health centers to respond to several needs for women in the Congo.
• Mental Health and Trauma.
• Malaria.
• Childbirth and Pregnancy Issues.


( Kiota Education Center )
• Sexual and mental health education
• leadership education for women
• STEM for women
• continuing education center for women
• Skills training and job readiness for women

Economic Empowerment

( Entrepreneurship )
We need to invest in equal opportunities for both men and women . women must have the same access to training, information, ressources, jobs and finance because it can enhance their opportunities for the future, income and social progress.
We have three goals for this program:
Building equitable and inclusive businesses that create decent opportunities for both men and women Boosting entrepreneurship for women Boosting land ownership.

Pad kits

( Sanitary Health )
We are promoting the use and accessibility of hygienic and quality pads during women's menstrual cycle at home , school, work, hospitals and everywhere. Donate to support women in underserved communities in Congo who lack the privilege to buy and use pads.

School kits

( Essentials Supplies )
Having the right school supplies can impact kids and their performance at school. The fundamentals of learning start with backpacks , notebooks, pencils, pens,binders, and papers. When kids have all the necessary school supplies, they feel confident and are ready to learn. Donate to support kids in underserved communities in the Congo ( Eastern/western kasai and Kinshasa). This will encourage children to remain in school and succeed.

health kits

( First Aid Supplies )
We promote healthy habits and lifestyle through our health kits.

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Kiota Global is a community of caring people and there are so many options for anyone interested in getting involved with us. Volunteer your skills, spread the word about Kiota Global, host a cocktail party, run a race on our behalf, or even donate your birthday on social media. We are always open to ideas and love expanding our community of people who want to be a part of the change. If you would like to volunteer or visit Kiota Global at one of our locations in US and Congo, please click below to join our community.

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These are pictures from the school kits event. We distrusted pads, hand soaps, toilet papers and hand sanitizers to promote healthy and hygienic habits at school and help young girls remain in school during their menstrual cycle. We also encouraged the school to have free pads in the school toilet .

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