Kiota Global

Empower women and underserved communities through quality education, good health, economic resiliency and advocacy.


KIOTA Global was founded in 2019 by Monique Tshibola. Monique’s dream in creating this nonprofit is a derivative from her own experience that she faced growing up in the Congo. During her upbringing, Monique witnessed the mistreatment of women and the lack of resources that are available from a medical, education, and economic perspective. Monique, now wife and mother of two, is dedicating her life to encourage women to break from silence and status quo and go after dreams of change. Through KIOTA Global, Monique is not only an advocate for women and their rights, but an agent of education and change for people around the world. She is focused on building programs that will help any and all women focus on their education, wellness, and economic growth to bring them to a better and brighter tomorrow.


Empower women and underserved communities through quality education, good health, economic resiliency and advocacy.


We strive to become a catalyst for change by creating an inclusive and sustainable world where women have the necessary tools and resources to break down current barriers and make every effort for gender equality.


Empowering women can help them be their best-selves at their best potential. It boosts their self-awareness and increases their participation in decision making at all levels of our society. Overall when women are empowered, they make healthy decisions for their bodies, income, properties, and families.

Core Values

Inclusion and Diversity

Everyone deserves to be represented and supported.


Equal resources and opportunities for all.


Treat others the way you want to be treated.


Never lose hope. Stay resilient. Dream big.


With commitment, comes execution. With execution comes growth.


We promote sustainable lifestyle for a better life.


We Organize Inclusive Events For Our Goals.

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Influencing the way people, organizations,
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Kiota Global


These are pictures from an activity we did this year. Pad kits distribution in the Eastern Kasai. Our kits contained a pad, underwear, and detergent.



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